The Pifu history in short...

Pifu - "Pine Furniture" - have developed into one of the main players in the production and sales of pine furniture, especially focused on youth. The main products of PIFU are massive pine baby rooms, high sleepers, bunk beds, matching wardrobes, bedside tables, chests of drawers... and lots more.

A coincidence of circumstances has started PIFU but "wood" in all its possible forms was a constant factor in the live of the founder of PIFU. With the knowledge and the experience of father as a carpenter in Kortrijk, the experiences of father in the old colony in Belgian Congo and afterwards as specialist into - and sale of veneer and solid wood for a large international company and this all over the world, it was not astonishing that Patrick SUPPLY sooner or later would end in the wood sector. After years of being active in construction, the chance offered itself of starting something with wood.

In December 1994 Patrick Supply took over a small production entity with 10 people in service in the distant Romania. The then and still current director and its spouse, both engineers, managed to run a small business with limited resources, yet this was never simple. Financial resources were lacking, production was possible but then again the goods also had to be sold. All this together, made it particularly heavy. A perfect partnership started here. Our director Valentin and its spouse Elena had both very much experience in pine kit piece of furniture. Formerly, at the time of Communism, they worked as employees for a large conglomerate which exclusively sold in the west and they knew as no other the quality standard Western products had to live up to.
The input of new and modern machines, the transfer of the Western company knowledge and the implementation of its culture, making new, models requested by the Western customers and the maniac quality control of Patrick Supply and its team did the company develop of 10 up to 150 employees and now spread concerning over 3 locations.
Production nowadays starts with the drying of the wood, the transport to the several countries and the local distribution are all in the hands of PIFU and its Belgian owner.
The label Belgian Quality and design brings about quality, commercial models and this according to the most modern Western standards. Our products are fabricated to meet European standards - EN747, EN716, EN12221..... and are certified by official technical laboratories.

Today the PIFU products are sold in a lot of countries. THE PIFU headquarters are in Belgium with a large showroom and large warehouses.
In Belgium the new models are designed and tested. Several PIFU sales offices with matching warehouses in Hungary and Spain are guarantee a direct contact with the customer and fast delivery deadlines with matching after sales services, as far as that is necessary. Moreover the PIFU products are also distributed by exclusive importers in several countries. We go to great lengths to choose first quality importers to be sure they share our PIFU - Belgian Quality and design spirit.

With you, dear customer, PIFU has developed into a family company where our work has become our pleasure. Designing, producing, selling, developing commercial trade relations in several countries with their own cultures.... this all has really turned into our passion.

Do not hesitate contact our, we're always at your service.

On behalf of the whole PIFU team,

Patrick SUPPLY
General manager